The Heart of a Champion


Dear Harry Kalas,

The Fightins battled. They fought tooth and nail, even to the bitter end. Did you see that final at-bat? Shane Victorino didn’t have a great World Series at all, but that last at-bat epitomized this entire team and this entire season. He fought like a true Fightin’ Phil. I really thought he was going to will his way onto first base, bruised finger and all. No questions asked, this team still has the heart of a champion.

Pedro Martinez battled too. The Old Goat battled hard, but those Yankees were darn tough. Even though he was only here a few months, he’s already earned my complete respect. I don’t expect him to stick around for next year, but he can stay a Phillie all he wants. (It would have been a lot of fun if you were here to broadcast his starts!)

Boy, they fought. Even Ryan Howard was coming around. He hit that home run to the opposite field, and you know that means he saw the ball well right there. Maybe the best he had all Series. If they got him to the plate in the 9th, there might have been that Game 7 we all wished for. They just didn’t get the clutch hits that they got last year in the playoffs. The Yankees pitched them tough every single at-bat. Cap tip to them.

I’m really looking forward to next year, Harry. I really like Kyle Drabek to get to The Show sometime in 2010. We get Cliff Lee for a full year, and he could get himself a Cy Young Award in the National League. Wouldn’t that be something to pair his American League Cy Young with that? And an off-season for Cole Hamels to clear his head, get his sweat on, and develop a cut fastball?  And an off-season for Brad Lidge to get healthy in both body and mind? I can’t wait for April.

They didn’t end up 2009 World Champions of Baseball, but I truly believe they are just beginning to enter their prime. Jesus Rollins, The Legendary Ryan Howard, and Cadillac Chase will police the Citizens Bank Park infield for a long time. And you know this outfield is pretty darn good too, Harry. This 2009 World Series experience can only help. They already had the heart of a champion, now they got the bad taste in their mouths, and they will have a new hunger in their bellies. “Pitchers and catchers” can’t get here fast enough, Harry!

Sorry they didn’t get it done for you, and Whitey, and Whitey’s Whiz Kids. I really wanted to see some Champagne sprayed on your sport coat in the dugout. We all did. We’ll get them damn Yankees next year, Harry!

Let’s Go Phillies!



1 Response to “The Heart of a Champion”

  1. 1 njdevito November 5, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    Great post Wright! I feel like after the series, it was the end of Rocky and neither team wants a rematch, but in 104 days (when pitchers & catchers report) I think they’ll be looking for each other again!

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