Super Bowl XLIII: It’s All The Way Live

Final Thoughts: Congratulations, Sixburgh fans! Your team is in sole possession of the most Super Bowl wins with six. They earned it. The Cardinals proved to be worthy opponents. Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald were great, but Pittsburgh was just two tippy-toes better. Santonio Holmes was the truth on the Steelers’ last drive and earned his Most Valuable Player Award. Vince Lombardi is going back to Primanti Brothers, victory sammiches with fries in ’em for everyone! The last minutes of the fourth quarter were as exciting and amazing as I’ve ever seen.

Commercials: I have to review them one more time (or as coaches say, “I have to go look at the film.”) but so far my favorites were Teleflora,, Hyundai “Angry Bosses”,, Priceline,, Conan O’Brien. to the review rescue! But most of them: enh.

I saw somewhere that the Super Bowl owns something like #1 through #17 on the list of the most watched programs in American television history. Add to that, some commercials aired during the Super Bowl have been some of the greatest commercials in television history (Apple 1984, etc.). Therefore, this is the time to impress the world with clever, funny, and memorable commercials. But lately, what do we usually get? Reheated slapstick, bad cartoonish violence, and the same old, tired jokes. I like slapstick, but sorry, I’m bored with it already.

Halftime Show: I used to avoid these like a swarm of killer bees infected with the plague, like years ago when they’d cram 4 or 5 popular acts into one dopey, boring performance. But I would argue that the stupid 2004 Timberlake/Jackson wardrobe malfunction farce of a show had a positive result: they started to focus on one main act per Super Bowl, with a decidedly classic rock angle: Paul McCartney (2005), the Rolling Stones (2006), Prince (2007), and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (2008). This year was even better with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Next year: keep the classic rock coming, Miami! How about Kiss (not too likely) or AC/DC (I wish!)?

Next Year: Come on, Eagles! Super Bowl XLIV or bust!

Thanks for reading!

10:16 Showing Santonio Holmes highlights: “Both feet in, or you’re out!” as Alice’s high school calculus teacher would say.

10:14 This had to be among the best and most memorable Super Bowls in recent history. Both teams were deserving of victory.

10:10 Wave them Towels, Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl!

10:08 Valiant attempt by Warner to extend the play and the season.

10:06 Dick LeBeau is 71? He looks 51. Aging well!

10:05 Would Pittsburgh quadruple-team Larry Fitzgerald on this last drive? Quintuple?

10:01 Call on the field is a touchdown…STANDS. Touchdown, Steelers. 27-23 Pittsburgh with 35 ticks left for Arizona to mount another miracle comeback. What a game!

10:00 You know they’re reviewing this second Holmes throw. Yoi!

9:59 Ouch, Holmes. Right through your hands!

9:58 Santonio Holmes tries to save the season for the Steelers. ALICE: “I CAN’T WATCH!” First and goal with 49 ticks left.

9:56 ALICE: “I’m good at smack talk!” She is pro-Cardinals and screaming for a defensive stop.

9:51 Fists are clenched tightly around empty cans of Iron City Beer throughout Western Pennsylvania. Two minute warning.

9:49 Larry Fitzgerald for MVP so far. Two touchdowns, including the go-ahead score.

9:46 ALICE: “He ACCELERATED away from them!” Touchdown, Cardinals. Wow. 23-20 Cardinals. 2:37 to go.

9:44 Safety?! Oh wow. Safety, Cardinals get two. 20-16 Steelers. Everyone, buckle your seat belts!

9:39 Steelers start to go penalty-wacky. James Harrison, what are you doing?

9:35 5:21 left in the game, strength to strength: Cardinals Offense v. Steelers Defense

9:30 Momentum arrow: Arizona.

9:28 Kurt Warner can clinch his spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame with a second Super Bowl win, and he stepped up on that last drive. If Big Ben wants to erase the memory of his Super Bowl XL performance, now is his time.

9:26 Fade pattern to Larry Fitzgerald — didn’t the Steelers watch the game film from Eagles v. Cardinals? Touchdown, Cardinals. It’s a game now.

9:20 Arizona starting to counterpunch. Western Pennsylvania hoping points left on the field don’t come back to haunt them.

9:19 Kudos to Al Michaels for the use of the word “alacrity”.

9:17 Coke Zero Mean Joe Greene remix, it was okay.

9:02 Better job there, NBC with the Conan O’Brien ad. I’m going to ask my doctor if Conan O’Brien is right for me.

8:58 ad: not bad, I laughed. That was trippy too.

8:57 Pittsburgh offense? Where’d you go?

8:53 Cardinals are killing themselves with penalties. Pittsburgh is sure to cash in with a touchdown now. The Cardinals had made a nice defensive stop to stay in the game. Ouch, Adrian Wilson.

8:51 Heath Miller dropped a pass? I didn’t know he was capable of it.

8:50 But the Steelers are exerting their will on the Cardinals’ D. Santonio Holmes, then Willie Parker. Jeff Reed should start warming up for a PAT or a FG.

8:47 Roughing the passer? Enh, a little ticky-tack.

8:45 Super Bowl memory: Before the Packers-Patriots Super Bowl, I asked my friend Charlie, a diehard Oakland Raiders fan who he was rooting for in the game. He responded, “the Raiders!”

8:44 Alice is one seam away from finishing her scarf! Super Bowl multi-tasking!

8:40 Alice likes that there are a lot of horses in the commercials.

8:38 No fumble by Warner.

8:37 Hey, did have a Super Bowl commercial this year. Not bad, I “laughed out loud”.

8:33 Steelers recover a fumble? Warner’s arm was going forward, but I’m not sure he was actually throwing. Paging Tom Brady, Tom Brady.

8:26 Back to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Yep, whether it’s 12 minutes or 3 hours, they play like it was their last 12 minutes or 3 hours.

8:24 Back to that LMAO Clinic commercial: yeah, I was not LMAO, or LOL, or ROTFL. Sorry, NBC.

8:23 Oh yeah, there’s a football game tonight.

8:21 Priceline commercial: William Shatner, you are the man.

8:19 Alice appreciates that Bruce acknowledged that they’re at the Super Bowl.

8:18 Damn right it’s BOSS TIME.

8:17 Squeezed in “Glory Days” – it’s a party now!

8:15 There’s that new song.

8:13 BORN TO RUN was not written for James Harrison, contrary to no one’s belief.

8:06 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, that’s pretty cool.

8:05 I know it’s an old commercial, but I love the Sprint Nextel “Roadies” spot. Woo!

8:03 Speculation I’ve read and heard (and agree with) for the Springsteen set list: “Born to Run”,  a new song, and “Thunder Road”.

8:02 I think Kurt Warner needed 3-D glasses on that play. Ouch.

8:00 ALICE, re: SoBe commercial: “There are a lot of hot men in this commercial!”

7:57 Steelers 17 Cardinals 7. It’s Bruce Time!

7:54 I think the ball crosses the plane as his knee lands. Call on the field stands!

7:52 Wow. Touchdown Steelers defense. 100 yards into the highlight reels forever, James Harrison.

7:50 Thanks Nick and Katie for the Facebook status update love.

7:48 Hey, a Larry Fitzgerald sighting!

7:48 Cheetos: how did much your ad cost? Um…

7:45 A Somalian pirate joke, Al Michaels? Ouch.

7:42 Teleflora, you’re in the lead for Best Commercial at the Seneres Household.

7:35 Hey, a car commercial that’s actually funny. Congratulations, Hyundai.

7:26 Slick Willie Parker. Great run for a first down.

7:24 Thanks to Nick and Katie DeVito for the 3-D glasses!

7:23 commercial: hey, an actually funny ad!

7:21 ALICE: “See! If they learned how to catch a football, they’d score!” Touchdown: Cardinals.

7:14 ALICE: “These Cardinals need to learn how to catch a football.”

7:12 Budweiser Daisy commercial: dumb.

7:08 Somewhere in heaven, Myron Cope is waving a Terrible Towel. Touchdown: Steelers.

7:07 Again, Doritos? How much money did you spend on these ads?

7:02 Bridgestone commercial: stupid.

6:58 Big Ben came to play. Great extension of the play and toss to Heath Miller.

6:55 ALICE: “You can add ‘that’s what she said’ to anything the analysts say. ‘Nate Washington got out in front…that’s what she said.”

6:53 Conan O’Brien commercial good. Rest enh.

6:50 Steelers defense holds. Not a sniff for Cards WR Larry Fitzgerald. I’m figuring on max protect versus Fitzgerald, opening opportunities for Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston.

6:45 Cardinals dodged a bullet by saving a touchdown on the opening Steelers drive.

6:44 Doritos commercial: dumb!

6:43 First set of commercials: enh!

6:38 Katie DeVito via mobile: “extremely impressed by Jennifer Hudson’s heartfelt rendition of the national anthem” but “wishes she didn’t lip synch.”

6:36 President Obama is having a bipartisan Super Bowl party. ALICE: “Why wasn’t I invited? I would have made brownies!”

6:31 The Super Bowl uniform logo patch seems to be different than the so-called official logo. Maybe it’s an optical illusion.

6:30 ALICE: “the first commercial of the Super Bowl is not very exciting.”

Here we go!


9 Responses to “Super Bowl XLIII: It’s All The Way Live”

  1. 1 katie February 1, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    I agree with Alice the sobe men were easy on the eyes. Now bring on the boss!!

  2. 2 katie February 1, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    Tramps like us baby we were born to run

  3. 3 Bob February 1, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Your Bruce post about how Bruce and the band play like it’s their the last 12 minutes or their last 3 hours was great, and so true.

  4. 4 katie February 1, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    Cash for gold commercial? Anyone?

  5. 5 dynowright February 1, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    I need to see the Cash4Gold ad again.

  6. 6 katie February 1, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    This was fun thanks!

  7. 7 Nick February 1, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Thanks for the liveblogging. It was great and made the game much more enjoyable! Maybe You should liveblog me while I’m at work and that’ll make it much more fun and interesting. Great work dynowright!

  8. 8 dynowright February 2, 2009 at 12:22 am

    Thanks, Nick and Katie! I had fun too!

  9. 9 Michele February 2, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Not even one mention of the ads. lol

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