Item: Barack Obama, of course.

Item: At Election Night Headquarters (a.k.a. Jack Klett’s hotel suite), MSNBC was the network of choice. As soon as MSNBC called the race for Senator Obama, I ran into the other room, which had Fox News Channel on. At that moment, FNC called the race for Obama also. If I had a notebook, I would have written “Game Over” in it, like TMQ.

Item: President-elect Obama succeeded with the Howard Dean Model: netroots, micro-donations, 50-state strategy, etc. I say it’s vindication for Governor Dean, who was probably a more formidable presidential candidate in 2004 than his third-place finish in the Iowa primary (and subsequent “Dean Scream”) would suggest.

Item: Democrats have the donkey, Republicans have the elephant, but what do the third-parties have? Some Libertarians go for the “Liberty Penguin”, the Modern Whig Party has an owl, but there isn’t much else. Free advice: some party should use the wild turkey: Ben Franklin was fond of them.

Item: Sarah Palin in 2012? Well, she would have time to get a degree in political science or law in the meantime. College admissions officers: make sure you’re “pro-America”!

Item: Barack Obama’s campaign definitely out-designed John McCain’s. Gotham in a landslide over Optima.

Item: Doesn’t the young John McCain look like Steve Martin?

mccain-ap stevemartin3


1 Response to “Politicality”

  1. 1 Dating Guru December 30, 2008 at 12:15 am

    Oh my gosh — the young John McCain DOES look like the young Steve Martin! I never noticed that before! How funny….

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