We Have A Winner

Like so many Flyers/Eagles/Phillies/Sixers fans, I suffered through these past 100 seasons and 25 years of futility in Philadelphia major professional sports. Sat through so many lean years while other teams zoomed past Philadelphia on the road to glory. Numbed by so much heartbreaking disappointment in countless playoff moments for all four teams. Until tonight.

I didn’t know if I’d cry if the Phillies won. But when Brad Lidge struck out Eric Hinske to clinch the win tonight, I was too excited to cry. I was 8 years old when the Sixers won it all in 1983, and I think I jumped up and down tonight the same way I jumped up and down then.

The Phillies are true world champions: their star players played like stars and their role players made major contributions, including scoring the Series-winning run. They really did win as a team, and they brought millions of fans along for the ride.

Fred Shero, before coaching the Philadelphia Flyers to their first Stanley Cup championship in 1974, wrote on the locker room blackboard, “Win together today, and we walk together forever.”

Now we march together.

Image Credit: dyn-o-wright


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