Still Palin In Comparison

It was so good, it was worth a post of its own. Dyn-o-brother Earle‘s comment on “Palin In Comparison“:

Let’s put the McCain/Palin scenario in terms you and I both enjoy: Hockey!

McCain is the head coach of Arizona H.C. and aspiring NHL head coach. His #1 goalie goes down with a Hextall-ian groin injury. What does McCain do to fill the void?

Does he:

1. Sign a veteran goaltender off the free agent list
2. Recall the stud prospect in the minor leagues
3. Sign an unproven goalie with less than a year’s experience in professional hockey

What does McCain do?

He gets a goalie whose only experience is that of dek-hockey and beer leagues whilst decorated in the finest Mylec gear. ‘Nuff said…

Bonus cartoon, by Jimmy Margulies:

Jimmy Margulies/

Image Credit: Jimmy Margulies/


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