Fake Plastic Trees Closer to Reality

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Treehugger has an article today on a report in today’s San Diego Union Tribune about research into tree-like devices that would mimic one aspect of trees: absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Klaus Lackner, a Columbia University geophysicist, has been working on “synthetic trees” that absorb CO2 at a rate about 1000 times better than a comparable-sized real tree.

Lackner’s synthetic trees are now in the testing phase in Arizona. His goal is get these trees operational, so that time can be bought for scientists to develop and expand clean, renewable energy.

Questions such as what to do with the captured carbon remain, but as a complement to planting real trees, I think these carbon vacuums are a good idea. The current design resembles a tree trunk without branches or leaves. Speaking of vacuums, maybe Sir James Dyson can get involved. Then we can get a carbon vacuum that doesn’t lose suction and looks great too!

Dyson DC07s

Dyson DC07s


1 Response to “Fake Plastic Trees Closer to Reality”

  1. 1 commandvirusexe August 28, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Personally, I believe that Nature was put on this Earth for Man to perfect it.

    I can’t wait to see if these synthetic trees become a reality within the next decade or so! I sure hope so. Or at least hope I’ll be around to see them.

    Extreme Backlash

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