Mr. Dynamite

I had the good fortune to receive an advance copy of a new 3-DVD set entitled, I Got The Feelin’: James Brown In The ’60s that will be released this coming Tuesday August 5th by Shout Factory . JUMP BACK!

The first DVD contains the documentary “The Night James Brown Saved Boston”, which premiered at SXSW and was shown on VH1. The documentary re-traces the immediate aftermath of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968, and the decision by James Brown to continue with a scheduled performance at the Boston Garden the next night. Like the man himself, the move was bold: America’s cities were engulfed in flames, no one could predict the consequences of going on with the show, but Mr. Dynamite took the stage anyway, took control, and Boston was spared from chaos. Brown began a new chapter in his career, as a key figure in shaping race relations in America.

The second DVD contains Brown’s Boston Garden performance as it was videotaped and broadcast over the air, and the third DVD contains a performance from March 1968 at the Apollo Theater. Both are fascinating displays of Brown at the height of his powers, and of course, my favorite part is the classic “cape” sequence at the end of his show. The DVDs have plenty of special features and extras too, including additional interview footage from the documentary.

Soul Power

Image: Shout Factory


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