Midnight Special

Sometimes I catch trends before the wave crests, but often I’m “late to the party”. I read the entire Harry Potter series straight through after the last book was released last July, but I missed out on all the hoopla while it was still happening. So last night, when Borders (where dyn-o-wife Alice works!) was hosting a midnight release party (with refreshments!) for the new Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Dawn, I went to see what all the fuss was about.

I had never heard of Stephenie Meyer or her Twilight vampire series until Borders started taking reserve orders for Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment. But as I found out when I walked through the parking lot, it was truly the domain of the high school/tween crowd. The first thing I noticed was a car with that window paint usually reserved for “Go Seniors! Class of 2008! Seniors Rule!” graffiti that said, “Honk If You’re Getting Breaking Dawn!” instead. This would be no ordinary stroll into the bookstore.

I arrived at fifteen minutes before midnight, when the new book would be officially for sale, and found a throng of excited high school girls and tweens anxiously milling about, some even in costume. Borders was festooned with red and black balloons and “Welcome to Forks” signs. (And snacks.) When the 10-9-8 countdown started at 11:59:50, the girls were in line and in full throat, and the Borders staff (also in costume) braced for impact. It was a sight and sound to behold.

The crowd waits

The crowd waits

Embargo in effect!

Books on lockdown!



It’s good to know that young people are still reading books (in analog!) and are excited about them. Good onya!


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