Fooderating: Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Frozen custard was the newest addition to the cavalcade of Buffalo food from the July 4th weekend. After learning it was a favorite of my late mother-in-law’s, we piled into the car for the short drive to the Anderson’s Frozen Custard stand on Sheridan Drive in Kenmore on our last night of our trip. The place was hopping but it was well-staffed and we were served very quickly.

We hadn’t really known about Anderson’s before the trip, but I had noticed the roadside sign on our way to downtown Buffalo, but then again, who wouldn’t notice a giant ice cream cone-shaped sign like this one:

It was a sign!

Sign: “Come have frozen custard!”
Me: “Okay, I will!”
Sign: “Limited time, Nerds Arctic Swirl”
Me: “Uh, how about your famous frozen custard instead?”

I opted for a twist (vanilla and chocolate) frozen custard with rainbow sprinkles. I ate it as fast as I could, but I still lost some of it on my shirt. (Lucky shirt!) This picture doesn’t really show the scale of it, but it had some serious heft.

Taste the rainbow

Taste the rainbow

It was marvelous. More sprinkles than I knew what to do with, even with some of them gently cascading down the front of my shirt. The custard itself was tasty, and just the thing for a warm July night.


1 Response to “Fooderating: Anderson’s Frozen Custard”

  1. 1 Kristin August 25, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Nothing beats Anderson’s hot fudge! try that next time! And hit Hoek’s out on the lake for the best beef on weck!

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