Parakeet or Polar Bear?

In my new issue of Dwell magazine is a 50-question pop quiz on sustainability. I scored 10 out of 50, which ranked me with the extinct Carolina parakeets. Ouch! (One more correct and I would have been elevated to Mexican wolf, a critically endangered species. Thirty more correct and I would have been a polar bear, a vulnerable species!)

The quiz was written by Work Worth Doing from Toronto. I may only have hit 10 of 50, but as Dwell says, “take it to determine your eco-quotient. Then, go out and raise your score.” I have a lot of raising to do!

Here’s a sampling, answers below:

3. Name the major environmental agreement that expires in 2012.

13. Name the age-old building construction method that involves compressing gravel, sand, and clay.

28. What energy-saving home retro-fit can reduce more greenhouse-gas emissions than a hybrid car?

30. What East Asian country recently banned shops from handing out free plastic bags?

37. How many seed varieties will be stored in a disaster-proof vault in the Arctic in case natural disasters, nuclear wars, or other debacles eradicate those specimens?


3. Kyoto Protocol
13. Rammed earth
28. Net-zero energy
30. China
37. 3 million


2 Responses to “Parakeet or Polar Bear?”

  1. 1 jayleah June 25, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    what scares me most about this, is that you’re an environmental engineer. which means i probably would get maybe one question right, if it had anything to do with either food or pop culture.

  2. 2 dynowright June 26, 2008 at 3:52 am

    Then you would have answered #32 correct: “Someone who eats food grown or produced locally is called what?”

    And there lies the justification (as if we needed one) for the pancake krimpet. It’s local! Yay!

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