Fooderating: Tastykake Pancake Krimpets

So while perusing the snack aisle in a Philadelphia Rite Aid this morning, I naturally found my way to the Tastykake area. I usually opt for one of their excellent pies (the seasonal Pumpkin Pie is my all-time favorite), but today I was in the mood for something else.

Cupcakes? Nah. Kandy Kakes? Sold out. Sugar Wafers? Nah. Snak Bar? Nah. Koffee Kake Junior? Nah. Strawberry Shortcake Junior? Hmm…nah.

And then I found it. There should have been angels singing, because it looked glorious.

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Butter-flavored cream-filled sponge cake with maple syrup-flavored icing? Well, duh! If a pancake-flavored Krimpet is not in my wheelhouse, nothing is.

I got out of the store quick and I scarfed this treat down. My verdict: SUCCESS! It really did taste of a pancake with maple syrup. While it’s clearly not a substitute for a good stack of hotcakes, it’s perfect for your portable pancake-taste needs.


2 Responses to “Fooderating: Tastykake Pancake Krimpets”

  1. 1 The Dating Guru June 23, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Good to know about! After all, who doesn’t have portable pancake needs?

  2. 2 jayleah June 24, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    these look glorious. i am on the hunt for some RIGHT. NOW.

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